Main Features

A complete software to manage your hotel, hostel or guest house

Property Management System

SWITCH.CM organises your rental property’s daily tasks, while simultaneously managing bookings from your webpage, OTAs and walk-in guests. All-In-One system means you can spend more time keeping your guests happy and leave your property admin to us.

Channel Manager

Switch’s in-built channel manager saves you time by automatically syncing inventory and room rates throughout your channels like:, Expedia, AirBnB and hundreds more. The intuitive calendar gives you an overview of all your bookings in one place.

Booking Button

Get commission-free reservations straight from your website and facebook page with a personalised ‘Book Now’ button. Bookings made through this button feed directly into your property’s calendar, with the option of collecting payment details and auto charging guests in advance.


Simply generate guest bills and invoices, split group payments and separate room rates from auxiliary charges, with the easy-to-use customisable, serialised and trackable invoicing feature

Automated Billing

Protect your property against no-shows and last minute cancellations by collecting payments in advance. Simply choose from our partner payment gateways; Omise, 2C2P or Stripe and set-up pre-authorisation or automatic charge of guests’ balance available from the time of booking.

Intuitive Click and Drag Calendar

Easily move around guest reservation dates or rooms using Switch’s simple drag-and-drop feature.

Multiple Languages

SWITCH.CM interface is currently available in various languages including: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Indonesian, Burmese, Romanian, Serbian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, and Mandarin. If you’d like to use in another language, do let us know as we can work with you to set this up.

Transactional Emails

No need to worry about communicating with all your guest individually. will take care of them with automatic email booking confirmations, payment details and check-in or cancellation updates.

Role Management

Allocate each team member with specific permisions related to their role, limiting access to sensitive information. For example; house-keeping can acess their cleanning tasks, while front desk can check-in/out guests and collect payments, but only managemenmt can adjust room rates.

Seasonal Pricing

Maximise revenue and increase occupancy rate by effortlessly adjusting room rates for specific dates or holiday periods.

Automated Reports and Analytics

Multiple Reports Templates compiling your property’s data into different insightful metrics. From Immigration Reports to Financial Forecasting, Inhouse and Journal Cashier, visualise in few clicks all relevant statistics demonstrating your business’ performance. Set a regular scheduled delivery of your favorite reports, or download them as csv or pdf.


Choose between two different currencies to display your online rates, record payments and bill auxiliary items. Generate reports to make comparisons between payments received in each currency and assess your property’s performance.

Customer Support and Staff Training

Online customer support 7 days a week. Staff training offered online through conference calls and video tutorials or in-person, upon request.

Auxiliary items

Easily manage sales performance of mini bar, airport transfers and other items, add various taxes and track returnable items like; towels, padlocks, key cards etc

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