Main Features

A complete software to manage your hotel, hostel or guest house


Property Management System

Switch is an award-winning, cloud based property management system and online channel manager designed by hoteliers for hoteliers.

Channel Manager

Switch’s built-in channel manager saves you time by automatically syncing inventory and rates throughout your channels, including:, Expedia, AirBnB and hundreds more. And pulls everything together in an intuitive Calendar interface.

Booking Button

Commission-free Book Now Button. Capture reservations straight from your website or facebook page. And see everything in one Calendar.


Generate, download and print invoices immediately from our simple Invoice platform.

Automated Billing

Pre authorization or automatic charge of guests’ balance, available from the moment of booking. Just create an account with your prefered payment gateway. You can connect to: Omise, 2C2P, or Stripe to accept payments from the moment of booking.

Click & Drag Calendar

Switch’s drag-and-drop feature allows reservations to be easily moveable to other rooms and dates

Multiple Languages

Currently SWITCH.CM interface is available in nine languages: English, Spanish, Burmese, Chinese, Portuguese, French, Romanian and Indonesian.

Transactional Emails

Automatic email notification sent to guests whenever they complete a transaction such as booking, check-in, payment, cancellation, etc.

Role Management

Allow your account to have multiple users with different and specific permissions.

Custom Payment Gateways

Chose from our trusted partner payment gateways: Omise, 2C2P and Stripe.

Export to CSV and PDF

Quickly generate files as cvs or pdf. Download and use the data as you want.

Auxiliary items

Easily add auxiliary items like transfers, laundry service or mini-bar onto your guest’s bill.

Seasonal Pricing

Easily change your rates for specific dates or periods.

Custom Reports (coming soon)

Customize reports with information you want to see; save them and download whenever you need.

Multi-currency (coming soon)

Choose among two or three currencies to push as online rates, automatically bill guests and charge walk-in reservations.

Customer Support and Staff Training

Online customer support 7 days a week. Staff training offered online through conference calls and video tutorials or in-person, upon request.

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