Channel Manager

One integrated system between PMS and Channel Manager

What is unique about the SWITCH.CM Channel Manager?


Most channel managers work the same way, by synchronizing your inventory across hundreds of booking websites.
There are a few small differences (some have better latency & redundancies, while others have a wider range of connections), but SWITCH.CM is unique in that the channel manager is built in.

Channel manager controller page

The channel manager is built right into the PMS.

Why isn’t there a separate channel manager?

Most channel managers & property management systems are built as two entirely different products, but we built our architecture so that it’s part of the same source code. This means you don’t need separate subscriptions for your channel manager & PMS, and it means that you don’t need to log into separate websites to control your inventory.

You can do everything from one interface, and this is called Direct API Architecture.

Why is Direct API Architecture important?

Much like how many Apple products are designed with a tight synergy between hardware & software, we built our direct API architecture with the PMS & Channel Manager tightly integrated as one.  This ensures that everything “just works” and allows a much more rapid deployment of innovative products on top of our existing functions.